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Holy Qur'an software

Page:Islam 7.80 Updated
Download:3.1 MB Download:3.1 MB

Holy Qur'an book from Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) to all people, available in 43 Holy Qur'an translations including original Arabic text and features: search engine, search open/save, MP3 player with plug in of 114 MP3 sound files of the Holy Qur'an recitations, praying times and animation, reading like a book or list view with 3D animation, loading and displaying up to four Holy Qur'an translations at ones, 99 names pf Almyghty Lord, and meanings, creating 114 Holy Qur'an HTML files, and more. Mp3 Holy Qur'an files was not included in this package becouse of the huge size of 300MB, but you can download it separatly and upload it directly into sound directory where Islam software was installed

Download MP3 soundHoly Qur'an MP3 sound files for Islam software.

Access image software

Cat:Versaitle graphics editor
Page:Access image 5.81
Download:0.74 MB  Download:0.74 MB 
Buy: Buy for:$20 US

Access Image is image editing tool that offers a big set of painting and drawing tools. Features: Animated GIF construction and creation, special effects filters, Special Font animation, RGB color separation, complete mask image support, multilevel undo, complete layer support, custom Brushes and AirBrushes, easy painting and retouching brushes, adjustable cropping and selection tools, animation effects, set of deformation tools, image viewer, multiple batch conversion, defined and custom patterns, Buttonize image, screen capture, compare images, color channels, tool bars manager, and many other functions

Rec CD software

Cat:CD-R/W Burner,Earser,ISO 9660 software
Page:RecCD 3.50
Download:0.24 MB  Download:0.24 MB 
Buy: Buy for:$17 US

Program features: data recording to CD-R/W disc, erasing CD-RW discs, creating ISO 9660 file, CD-ROM and CD-R/W disc informations, easy Browser for selecting files and directories for recording, other useful recording and erasing option.
Requirements: To use this software you must have installed Aspi drivers. Download latest Aspi drivers from its site at: Aspi Drivers 4.7
Disk order software

Cat:File managment software
Page:Disk order 5.10
Download:0.24 MB  Download:0.24 MB 
Buy: Buy for:$3 US

Disk Order proffesional and safety file managment software Program features: CD-RW data recorder, FTP client - uploading, downloading, CHMODE, Firewall and so on. preview and manage all files on your computer, List and Tree view, preview folders windows. excellent text editor, copy files, folders, move files, folders, delete files, folders, Make a new directory, file, Association - add, remove, use default, File attributes - add, change, Search for files, search for text, remove unwanted files, ZIP and Unzip utility with preview and file add remove from an archive, GZip compression utility, ARJ decompression and preview, Copy larger files on multiple floppy disks, Execute programs, Shell execute programs with the specific commands, easy files selection and sorting, ascending, descending, by date, time, size, extensions, names, disk and memory informations, multiple files rename, lower and upper case, calculate size of an directory help, install, uninstall, plenty of little function...

Yildun scanner software

Cat:Graphics editor/viewer/screen capture software
Page:Yildun scanner 6.00
Download:0.54 MB Download:0.8 MB

With Yildun scanner paint program you can change image bit per pixel, color adjustment, resizing a image, rotating, paint a image and more. It is fast and easy paint program. Program features: Image Viewer, screen capture, resizing a image, changing bit per pixel on a image, painting with mouse, rectangle, circle, line, pixel, font, color adjustement, croping a image suppports for opening and saving GIF, BITMAP, PNG, PCX, PPM, TIF, JPEG, TGA graphics formats, rotating a image, animation image and adding special borders, loading and saving images pallete, defined and custom filters, full screen viewing and painting, help, install, uninstall.
Logan's fight game

Type: Freeware
Cat: Action adventure game
Page: Logan's fight 3.90
Download:0.54 MB Download:0.8 MB

In the year 2010 aliens start invasion on Earth. Europe fell down under superior aliens technical power and now the target is USA. Before total destruction of town only two man succeeded to escape and one of them was: LOGAN, PROFESSION: ARMY SPECIALIST. He must go deep in Amazon jungle and find an aliens spacecraft with which can move to motherboard spaceship who is in orbit around the Earth. On this ship Logan need to find an alien leader and capture or kill him to save the Earth, but that will not be so easy. After, he was destroyed everything what is on it's way on the ship, he was jumped on aliens ship for long distance and flow directly on aliens mother planet ZOROX where aliens leader lives and controls the whole operation of EARTH'S ATTACK. On this planet is another miracle story. Do you want with Logan to save the Earth ?  Home page
UNIVERSUM  - from the end to the begining. NEW(Feb,27) Stars,Gravity
NEW:(March,5) Jupiter's system
UPDATED(March 16) Black holes Black holes, collapsed stars
NEW(March 17)Recompression Recompression of the stars after the black hole
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